Louis J. Desso

For North Greenbush Supervisor

The theme of my platform is going “Back To Basics.” Going back to basics simply means using some good old fashion common sense to ensure our government is both responsive and provides real value in the delivery of services it offers to its residents. Ultimately, lowering and controlling your taxes can only come about by creating efficiencies, eliminating waste, and raising revenue through new businesses and job creation. Here’s how we go about doing that:

As your representative, I pledge to give each public issue my full consideration, follow my principles and use my best judgment in representing the community as a whole. Additionally, I promise to hear all voices, provide an opportunity for everyone in the community to be involved in the decision making process and most importantly, make the hard (sometimes not so popular) but right decisions on your behalf.

Thank you for this opportunity.
God Bless.

Louis J. Desso

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Seeking to serve as North Greenbush Supervisor