About Lou


Roy McDonald“I was honored to speak at Lou's fundraiser in June. The number of people, excitement, and feeling in the room was extroadinary. It was a true testiment to Lou's leadership and how he and Deb live their lives. Our country needs more leaders like Lou.”

– Chris Gibson, U.S. Congressman of the 20th District of New York

Kathleen Jimino“Lou Desso brings compassion and a genuine concern to the residents of North Greenbush. His community involvement and support cuts across all demographics and all political party lines. That's because Lou's local government and community service along with his professional experience forms a composite of an individual who is dedicated to not only his own family but also to the interests of all families and businesses in the community. I'm confident that Lou will continue to do a great job for North Greenbush and I look forward to working with him!”

– Kathleen Jimino, Rensselaer County Executive

Al Spain“In my 12+ years on the North Greenbush Town Board, there has not been a harder working Councilman than Lou Desso. Lou and I come from different political parties, but there is no doubt that he is the best Councilman this Town has had in a long time. I have never seen Lou make a decision, or cast a vote for any reason other than because it was for the betterment of the people he represents. There have been a few votes where Lou has told me that he was going to vote a certain way even though it would hurt him politically. He has told me that there is only one reason he got into politics – to do what is best for the people, regardless of the political consequences. He is a very thoughtful and thorough legislator, who is able to get to the core of the issues quickly, that is, he can cut through the sometimes overwhelming amount of input a council member receives, and discern what is the best course of action for the Town. He is the epitome of what a councilman should be– hard working, intelligent, and non-partisan. It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse Lou for re-election to our county legislature, and ask you to give him your vote. You won’t regret it.”

– Al Spain, North Greenbush Supervisor

Frank Merola“Lou Desso really cares about people, and wants a better future for our town. Lou has already demonstrated his effectiveness as a North Greenbush Councilman and helped make a difference by improving youth services, holding the line on property taxes and making sure residents receive needed services. He will do even more for residents as Town Supervisor.”

– Frank Merola, Rensselaer County Clerk

Neil Kelleher“Lou is truly a grassroots public servant, staying in touch with the people and making sure they are heard. Lou brings commitment and service to the people of North Greenbush, and is a great representative of the people.”

– Neil J. Kelleher, Chairman of the Legislature

Seeking to serve as North Greenbush Supervisor