About Lou


They Deserve Our Thanks

North Greenbush Councilman Lou Desso did a great thing by proposing that elected town officials hold off on pay raises during 2009. Lou’s proposal was agreed upon by other town officials, saving our town money.

Lou led by example. He recognizes the tough economic times facing town residents and our country. The money saved as a result of Lou’s leadership helps North Greenbush avoid a 2009 property tax increase. It may also help protect needed town services during economic uncertainty.

We usually read about elected officials who let people down. Lou and the others on the town board did the right thing and deserve our thanks and support.

– Gary Nicoll, Troy

The Right Decision

With our nation and state facing economic challenges, many families are trying to do more with less. So it makes sense that those who serve us in government make sacrifices as well. With that in mind, I am writing to thank North Greenbush Council member Louis Desso for his efforts in reducing expenses.

North Greenbush residents are probably pleased that the town budget for 2009 will not raise taxes. Even more money is being saved thanks to Lou Desso, who proposed holding all raises in the town at 3% and asked that he and his fellow board members forgo their raises for 2009.

With so many facing difficulties because of the tough economy, Lou’s proposal makes sense. The fact that other town officials in North Greenbush agreed to his idea to hold off on raises for 2009 is also encouraging.

– John Wood, North Greenbush

Seeking to serve as North Greenbush Supervisor