In The News

In 2007, I was elected to the North Greenbush Town Board on a pledge to end the years of needless political controversies that plagued our town. During my campaign, I received the support of members of all parties – Republican, Democratic, Independence and Conservative.

As Councilman, I voted to create a bi-partisan administration, with appointees and employees chosen from different backgrounds and political affiliations. I also reached out to seniors, business people, youths and others in the town to strengthen ties with town government.

As chairman of the Town’s youth committee I helped to facilitate major improvements to the Town Park including a new playground built by volunteers, saving taxpayers money in the process. In this role, revitalizing the town youth summer camps, which had seen falling attendance in previous years, became a priority of mine. With a team of volunteers I helped to reorganize the camp, increasing attendance and saving tax payers $80,000/year.

Since taking office I have advocated for fiscally conservative policies and careful expansion of our tax base, and proudly report North Greenbush as one of a handful of local communities to avoid a tax increase from 2009 through 2014. I have also helped correct a number of management problems inherited from the previous administration and worked to improve the town’s handling of constituent concerns and issues.

The news articles provided in this section will identify some of the issues I have handled and report on some of my accomplishments since taking office.

Seeking to serve as North Greenbush Supervisor