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Pulse of The People: Thank You Lou Desso

I am writing about a very positive move forward for the youth in our community, and to thank Councilman Desso for his efforts on behalf of our youth. Last month, my youngest son asked if he could go to the teen center with some friends. My immediate answer was no. My oldest son, now a college freshman, had gone to the center years ago. We limited his attendance because of lack of supervision and negative behaviors that we observed: kids outside smoking cigarettes, boys and girls hanging all over each other in dark corners, and a sense of the "inmates running the asylum."

My youngest son was telling me how it was "different now. After much persuasion, I agreed to go over with him. To my surprise, it was different. It was organized: activities were happening that had all the kids involved. Councilman Desso, town employees and parent volunteers were there helping the staff and participating in activities. There was no groping going on, no one was hanging outside, and everyone was engaged including the staff. They were making sure kids signed in and had a pick-up time. It really was a healthy environment.

This is exactly the type of activities we need to provide our young people. This is what will help our children develop a real sense of community. This is a healthy way to provide a positive outlet for our children.  I'm sure Councilman Desso has had a full plate since taking office; still he has followed through with his campaign promise of working for our youth. As chairman of the town's youth committee he has facilitated major improvements to our town park, spoken at my son's high school, and revamped our youth center. I am very glad to see our tax dollars being used to provide positive benefits to the town's Youth. Between the Youth Center and the town park/beach, we have an opportunity to provide our kids with a positive and healthy alternative.

Thank you Lou, for all you have done.

– Dan Merrill, North Greenbush

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