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Desso Continues Efforts To Limit NGB Spending

Letter to the Editor: North Greenbush Councilman Lou Desso is continuing his efforts to limit spending, saying the town should limit travel spending because of the tough economic conditions.

Desso noted the uncertain economic climate could end up reducing revenues to the town during 2009, along with possibly increasing costs in different ways.

"It is important we start 2009 with the resolve to be even more prudent with our spending and more vigilant in watching over town finances.  It is absolutely essential we work even harder to protect taxpayers," said Desso.

"Every dollar we avoid spending can help save a needed town service and keep the town budget balanced. The coming year will be filled with fiscal uncertainty, but if we hold the line wherever possible, we can stay on solid ground," added Desso.

Desso began his work holding the line on expenses in 2009 by seeking to limit costs for the town sending employees and officials to the annual Association of Towns conference in New York City in February.

Desso said he initially favored the town not participate in the conference, but recognizes there are useful presentations on updates and changes to state, federal and local laws.

Because of his concern over expenses, Desso opposed an expenditure of approximately $12,000 for the conference.  Desso was able to educe the initial cost of $16,400, after the town attorney, Town Clerk, and Councilman Al Spain Jr decided not to attend the conference, a move Desso termed "gracious".

Desso said he wants to be sure employees sent to the conference have an essential and specific purpose.

"Any areas where we can reduce spending should be pursued.  I’m glad we were able to make some reductions in travel spending already in 2009 and want that to continue during the rest of the year," said Desso.


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